Nightcap #12

B is excited about Mardi Gras and his daughter’s first birthday and half a dozen other things. J is just happy to be recovering from a cold.


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Nightcap #10

We had our most profound, insightful, and moving conversation yet. It was a real meeting of the minds, a revealing and poignant heart-to-heart talk between friends.

Alas, a technical error resulted in the entire conversation disappearing into the ether. So you will just have to imagine this one. We’ll be back with more sparkling dialog soon.

Nightcap #8

A technical glitch leads to the untimely truncation of this installment, robbing the world of an extra twenty-odd minutes of witty repartee and keen insights into the human condition. We were waxing poetic and speculating in the face of science. Alas, alas, gone forever. You’ll simply have to use your imagination and make do with the first half.

Tequila y Kahlua, Monterrey's, Atlanta

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Nightcap #4

A semi-coherent Editor B flies solo at year’s end.

Note: This recording terminates rather abruptly, as I pressed the button a moment too soon.

yes, that's a rum filled coconut.

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