One thought on “Nightcap #21”

  1. Heya!
    Good to listen in on this call…makes me wish I had some contact with
    old friends to chat it up….
    A basic observation about you Good-hearted, positive Midwestern folks.
    ….You guys still speak as if our Powers of Society either are or should be
    working towards what is best for People. Sorry about this, but New Orleans
    is or should be microcosmic example of the Greater reality…
    The black folks were pushed into bottomlands because the knowledgeable
    leaders knew way back, and know it now, that these below-sea-level places
    are definitely going to be flooded repeatedly.
    The Rulers only want a profitable shipping situation, and have zero interest
    in rebuilding anything at all that does not push their business plans.
    There are active population-reduction programs underway, and you can count on blacks being targeted everywhere, as well as any White Americans
    who are clinging to notions of our Freedoms, Constitution, Christianity.
    The Powers want to fill your neighborhoods with Cheap Mexican Slaves–
    Hey B.—you’ve already shared with us a few examples of the drunks in
    your neighborhood cranking their car stereos at 3 am–believe it from a
    Southwesterner, they have no training in simple decency, concern for your
    neighbors peace and quiet, nor understanding that they are rude, crude people spreading illiteracy and knocked-up 13 year olds.
    Moonboy points out some of the real difficulties in the approach to NOLA
    that is happening…you still have “civil rights” people pushing for a renewal
    of the St. Bernard lower 9th ward, so that the People can get back their homes….unfortunately we have the Geological reality that the whole Basin
    is still DECLINING into the Gulf, and will continue to do so for millenia, and
    that fact is separate from the global sea-level rise which is adding data every day. A real cynical plan would be to allow everybody, with Federal funding,
    to go in there and install all the extremely ignorant folks into Projects which
    will most assuredly again be under water within a few years. There is no good
    reason to concentrate a bunch of people together unless there is en economic
    rationale–you needed a Company Town to provide manpower for Factories
    and big Mining operations. There are a lot more humans running around than
    what our Illuminati masters calculate are needed. Therefore please don’t be
    a victim of the Pogrom which is happening very near you.
    The ongoing electronic domination of our minds is prophetically told…
    please look up “The Prince of the Powers of the Air” and see what comes up.
    Please know that all Political Powers are corrupted, and most are flat-out
    into- “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” and thus are Satanic fellow-travelers.
    The Cop-mafia with their code-of-silence, the Masonic Judge, Prosecutor, Chief of Police, Lawyers Guild, Mayor, and all your High Mucky-Mucks are
    playing Ball in order to keep their Status.
    There are HUGE Institutional LIES shoved into our faces every day.
    Did you get a chance to hear Obama address the Hispanic group last week?
    It is amazing–he transformed into the Great Reverend Obama invoking a
    lot of images of “going to our knees in Prayer”, and mentioned keeping the
    “Word”…which is pretty ridiculous considering Spanish Catholics are not
    people of “The Word” but of the “Catechism”. Roman Catholic teaching is NOT
    about anybody knowing anything about the Holy Bible.

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