2 thoughts on “Nightcap #16”

  1. Funny I should be checking up on your always inchursteen
    postings on this particular day…
    FSTV-Free Speech TV is running “Healing Cancer from Inside Out”
    under the on-screen tv-guide listing of “To Be Announced”
    on account of this being pledge-drive time…
    The Good Folks presenting “Healing Cancer…”
    discuss lots of diverse data…a must-have for your video library.
    The common conventional wisdom about “Red Meat” vs. other
    animal-source foods turns out to be purty Ignernt…
    because CowMilk, and particularly Cheese are at least as
    damaging to health as meat….
    lots of excellent citations and explanations available
    at Notmilk.com…
    I’m still eatin’ meat, but
    have dropped 45 pounds and cleared up skin
    largely by limiting dairy consumption in last couple years.
    –Thanks for your intelligent, fun blogs, Mssrs. J & B…

  2. Wow, a real live comment from an actual listener. I too have eliminated milk from my diet — funny given my grandparents were dairy farmers — but I’m afraid I’m hooked on le fromage. Thanks for the info.

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